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Our Innovation:

Traditionally, Neurology & Psychiatry were one field. Over time, the two fields were split apart. At the neuro well, we are Re-Unifying brain care by bringing the two fields back together. All our providers are dual-trained in Neurology & Psychiatry. The neuro well was designed from the ground up to be a Patient-Centered Specialty practice. Each day, we aim to provide the most Academically Excellent, Integrative and Hospitable care. How it Works

Our Treatments:

All patients receive a Care Plan that combines Natural, Medical, and Cutting-Edge ideas.  Natural treatments include nutrient-based supplements that Dr. Seifan designed for Honeybrains, a fast-casual restaurant chain in New York that serves good food, and more, for the brain.  Medical treatments include prescription medications for any diagnoses that can impact brain health.  Cutting-edge treatments include off-label uses of medications and also referrals to participation in clinical trials.

Our Approach:

Every patient follows a care plan designed around Maslow’s Hierarchy, a theory of psychological health that prioritizes needs. We help you focus on one level at a time. The 5 levels were depicted in a triangle and are comprised of these fundamental concepts and were adapted by Dr. Seifan for use in Neuropsychiatry:

  • Level 1

    Physiological Needs such as air, water, shelter, sleep, clothing.

  • Level 2

    Safety Needs such as security, employment, health, property, resources.

  • Level 3

    Love and Belonging such as friendship, intimacy, family, a sense of connection and acceptance.

  • Level 4

    Esteem such as respect for oneself as well as others, self-esteem, recognition, freedom.

  • Level 5

    Self Actualization such as the desire to become the most that one can be.


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